Stocking Flower – Pansy

We started selling stocking flower kits and pansy is one of them, so we made this as a sample to show how the finished product looks like to my students. With our kit, you can make a complete arrangement as in the picture above (pot excluded).
The pansy kits are available for sale now. The price for the pansy kit is 220 Rupees.

Stocking Flower – Lotus

This is another sample of the kits, we made this to show how many lotus and leaves we can make from the contents in the kit.
You can easily make four lotus, two buds and six leaves like this without wasting the stocking. All materials included for making the arrangement except the pot.
These are the petals of the lotus I made before putting them together to form a lotus.
After I attached the pieces of petals with one another…
These are the leaves of the lotus.